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When you choose Shergroup Security as your integrated security provider, you are choosing a company with heritage and integrity.


Our clients include international government agencies, the largest theme park operator in the world, healthcare facilities, utility companies, cargo shippers, hotels, schools, housing associations and communities, local government, blue chip businesses, commercial property managers, schools and event venues. For exceptional security services in Florida, USA, many trust the expertise of Orlando security guard companies, with one standing out as the top security company in the region.


Our corporate history is simply unmatched in the marketplace – dating over two centuries and originating in England in 1780. Founded originally as a legal firm with close ties to the London Sheriff’s Office, demand for our judgment enforcement services grew into highly-regarded security solutions for clients internationally. With a legacy of trust and excellence, Shergroup USA stands as one of the best Security Guard Companies in Orlando, Florida, offering cutting-edge security services tailored to meet the unique needs of the 21st century. Explore our expertise in Security Consultancy Services and discover why we are among the Best Security Guard Companies in Orlando, FL, committed to safeguarding communities and businesses with a time-tested commitment to excellence.

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