A Risk Assessment Checklist for Safety & Security of Resorts & Hotels

At Shergroup Security, we understand the critical importance of safety and security in the hotel and resort industry. With years of experience in providing high-quality, well-trained security staff, we have become the natural choice for establishments seeking top-notch security solutions. Our Security Executive Team are experts in their field and can help you develop and implement a hotel security program that not only ensures the safety of your guests and staff but also enhances the overall guest experience.

Contrary to popular belief, security and customer service are not mutually exclusive. In fact, security personnel equipped with additional soft skills can contribute positively to the overall guest experience. We believe that assessing your hotel’s performance in each security area will help you identify strengths and weaknesses and make any necessary improvements.

Establishment Security: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Securing your resort or hotel’s facilities requires a multi-faceted approach that encompasses various aspects such as access control, vehicle security, key management, video surveillance, and building identification and accessibility.

Access Control: Building a Strong Foundation

To ensure effective access control, it is crucial to have an inventory of all locks within your venue. Are all doors and windows equipped with locks? Delegating guest room inventories to service staff during room turnovers can simplify this task. Additionally, tracking spare guest keys and scheduling timely reorders will help you stay ahead.

Evaluate Your Vehicle Security Measures

Evaluate the security of your guest parking facilities. Adequate lighting and unobstructed sightlines act as deterrents to criminal activities. Regularly check if all lights are functioning properly and if any trees or bushes have grown to obstruct sightlines from building entrances. If your establishment uses carts or vehicles, ensure they are secured when not in use, and implement accurate tracking mechanisms.

Efficient Key Management

A robust key management system is essential. Store all back-of-the-house keys in a secure location and establish a mechanism for tracking and auditing their usage.

Digital Surveillance: Keeping an Eye on Safety

Your surveillance system is only as good as its playback capability. Establish a documented retention policy for camera footage and ensure that surveillance cameras are recording effectively. Regularly review coverage areas to address blind spots that may inadvertently arise due to landscaping or interior design changes.

Pool Security & Safety

Pools are an intrinsic part of a hotel’s guest experience but can also become one of its weakest points without good safety and security. Consider stationing a security officer to keep a close eye on guest behavior during pool open hours and prevent access during closed hours with the use of regular foot patrols. Consider regular pool checks to monitor for unexpected hazards and schedule regular checks of safety equipment, all of which can be noted in a daily electronic log, complete with photos of maintenance issues for hotel management to address.

Ensuring Safety for Personnel

Providing a safe environment for both guests and employees requires stringent security procedures and state-of-the-art technology.

Implement Duress Alert Systems

Many jurisdictions now require hotels to provide panic buttons for service staff, and similar legislation is being considered in other areas. Investigate the best alarm system for your situation. Once installed ensure staff are trained to use it effectively.  conduct periodic drills to give staff an opportunity to practice responding to alarms. Develop policies for documenting expected response times and handling potential misuse.

Security Staffing: A Critical Component

Assess whether your current security staffing arrangements provide adequate coverage for the next five years. If you don’t have security staff currently, consider working with a security contractor or hiring in-house. Ensure that your security staff are properly licensed and registered. Establish policies that guide staff behavior in handling sensitive situations and conduct regular security training to align staff with your security objectives.

Developing Effective Policies

Establishing clear policies for handling various security situations is crucial. These policies should cover scenarios such as handling unattended vehicles, responding to trespassers, managing suspicious packages, and the appropriate use of force. Well-defined policies not only guide staff  but also minimize liability for wrongful actions. Re-evaluate policies annually to ensure continued effectiveness.

Emergency Preparedness: Evacuation Plans

Ensure you have a documented emergency action plan (EAP) that reflects any recent changes in your hotel’s operations. Assess if changes to your venue’s floor plan affect evacuation routes and posted signage. Regularly test smoke alarms to guarantee their functionality.

Protecting Assets: Valuables and Belongings

Protecting hotel and guest assets poses a significant challenge, but implementing specific measures can help mitigate risks.

Telecoms Device Security

Audit guest rooms and business phones to ensure emergency services are readily available. Develop a policy for staff to contact emergency services if phone lines are down.

Securing Guest Belongings

Confirm that all safes in guest rooms are functional and consider the use of asset lockers in locations where guests can deposit items securely. Some locker systems can even offer electronics charging for added customer convenience.

High Security Safes and Cash Handling

Ensure high-security safes are functioning correctly, physically secured, and out of sight from guests. Implement a varied schedule for cash collections to avoid predictability and perform cash counting in a locked space away from guests. Verify the licenses of private cash management agencies if used for transportation.

At Shergroup Security, we possess the expertise to conduct comprehensive risk assessments of your current security policies. Our Executive Team can identify potential threats and weaknesses and provide strategic advice on enhancing your hotel or resort’s safety and security measures. With our solutions in place, you can provide your guests with the very best experience while ensuring their safety and well-being. Give us a call on 833 743 7872 today and chat with our Executive Team who will be happy to help.

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