Tips to Become a Security Guard in Florida

From the iconic sandy beaches of Florida to the magical theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Floridian cities are bustling with millions of visitors every year seeking adventure. But high tourism also calls for ample security personnel who can ensure that everyone is safe while they explore all this sunshine state has to offer – making it no surprise why trained guards in Florida have become increasingly sought out.

Security guard in Florida

With crime on the rise, Floridians must remain vigilant in protecting their businesses and neighbours. Implementing a well-crafted security plan greatly reduces risk by ensuring that only trusted professionals are safeguarding places of business around the state – giving people peace of mind for years to come.

Have you made the noble decision to become a security guard in Florida? Well, we salute your ambition! To officially assume this worthy position, however, there is training involved. Fortunately for those eager candidates ready to take on the challenge of protecting and serving their community, several courses exist that offer varying levels of certifications that will empower them as professional certified Security Guards in Florida, USA. Let’s look into exactly what kind of certification level it takes to earn such an esteemed title!

You’ve chosen an honourable line of work by opting to become a security guard in Florida. To get certified, you’ll need the right training – luckily there’s no shortage of options online! Discover our guide below on understanding the levels and certifications needed for becoming a top-notch security guard in Florida, USA

Security Guard Training

Becoming a professional security guard in Florida requires more than just physical presence. All candidates must obtain the 40-hour “D” Security Course, providing them with valuable resources and knowledge to become effective at their job role. A complimentary certification of American Heart Saver First Aid/CPR/AED will also be obtained in this course – Essential for those looking to protect vulnerable individuals from harm’s way! An additional Statewide Firearms License (G) is mandatory when aspiring armed officers take part in the 3 day training programme covering vital subjects such as Florida Statues, Firearm Safety & Qualification techniques; an absolute essential when attending any kind of armed guards duties and shifts.

If you are looking to become a licensed security guard in Florida, the 40-hour Class “D” Security Course is what you need. This comprehensive program equips candidates with all the necessary foundations for working as an effective asset and also provides American Heart Saving First Aid, CPR and AED certification which gives them added edge in emergency response expertise. But if weapon handling skills is your cup of tea then opting for a Statewide Firearms License (G), which combines 3 days of training covering vital topics like Firearm Safety regulations & fundamentals combined with dry Practical Applications along with Live Fire Qualification can help fast track one’s dream career path ahead!

1. A security license is required to work for unarmed or armed security |

For Florida security professionals, having a valid licence is essential. Both armed and unarmed staff must have their licences on them at all times while working, as well as corporate identification – no exceptions made! To obtain the necessary credentials for state employment or law enforcement roles, individuals need to submit evidence of licensing through the Division of Licensing.

Private security guards companies and firms in Florida must adhere to the strict regulations set forth by the Division of Licensing, part of Agriculture and Consumer Services. For anyone working with a licensed security firm providing guard se, having an up-to-date licence is essential – failure on either side to abide can result in criminal punishment when it comes to armed positions. Working without a valid license carries real consequences; ensure your private protection career follows due process at all times!

2. A security guard license is valid for two years in Florida |

Keep your private security guard licence in good standing to continue working! Make sure you renew it every two years or risk having to re-apply for the license and potentially go through training again if you decide take a break. If any questions arise, contact the Division of Licensing right away – they’ll make sure all is up-to-date no matter what situation arises.

Security guard licenses can open the door to a world of exciting career opportunities, and many applicants in Florida may be eligible for one with some prior experience. Those who have worked law enforcement (state or federal), corrections, or military police should contact their state representative to find out if they qualify; after that’s been determined 40 hours of initial training will get them on track.

3. Security Guard Certification |

Aspiring security guards in Florida must fulfil rigorous criteria to obtain certification. The state mandates 40 hours of training conducted by an accredited instructor before granting a certificate – the first step towards successful licensure. Following that, candidates for licenses are required to present their certificates alongside background checks and application fees at specified offices per local government regulations.

For those who want to work as a security guard in Florida, you need to obtain certification from the Department of Agriculture. Unfortunately, state licensing doesn’t have reciprocity with other states so you’ll always need to submit an application regardless of your existing credentials – except for when there is a declared emergency and permission by Commissioner has been granted.

Before a security guard can work in Florida, they must have the appropriate licence. Unfortunately, with regards to security licensure requirements, state reciprocity isn’t applicable here: even if an applicant holds certification from another jurisdiction -which would typically suffice- attaining a separate permit for protection within The Sunshine State’s boundaries is explicitly required by law. There are some rare instances under which exemption may be granted; namely, during declared states of emergency wherein, the Commissioner of Agriculture has authority over such matters and will facilitate entry into Florida’s workforce accordingly.

4. How security officer licensing works in Florida |

Working in security can be a highly rewarding vocation, but some states now require personnel to obtain a licence before they take on the role. So far six U.S. states are mandating licencing – Florida, Texas, California, New York Virginia and Louisiana – with different levels of training required for each one. To qualify as an officer in Florida specifically you must complete 40 hours of formal training alongside passing an exam demonstrating your knowledge and understanding within this field; perfect if you’re looking for career progression.

5. The State of Florida requires a guard license to work in private security |

The private security industry is booming and requires highly-trained personnel to work as licensed guards in many states. In fact, anyone protecting unarmed citizens or premises in Florida must obtain a Class D license through education, requiring 40 hours of professional training before qualifying. But it’s worth the investment – not just to ensure residential/commercial customers feel secure, but also as an extra layer of defence when law enforcement needs assistance with crime prevention initiatives.

6. Many security guards only require an unarmed security license |

Armed security guard services carry with them a higher obligation to protect, which is why many companies opt for unarmed guards. Employers highly seek individuals with the training and credentials for an armed license due to their ability to respond quickly in more dangerous situations, which naturally leads to increased pay rates compared to those without firearms experience.

Working in security across Florida is a serious job, with two different licenses depending on whether you’re working as an unarmed or armed guard. Professionals must complete 40 hours of professional training, which includes healthcare basics, emergency procedure preparation, and knowledge of state legislation related to their role, to obtain the Class D license – shorthand for ‘unarmed’. Obtaining a license ensures that professionals have the essential skillset needed to protect their clients safely and legally.

7. Some states require security guard certifications |

Keeping your property and people safe requires a highly trained security guard. That’s why many states require certifications to ensure guards have the necessary skillset; they need to be ready for today’s unpredictable threats. There can be significant variations from one state to another, so training hours are crucial in order for potential safety officers to gain their essential credentials.

Security guards now constitute a major part of the security forces, outnumbering law enforcement threefold. Professionals, whose expertise state legislation has honed through rigorous certification criteria, secure the safety of secure locations such as nuclear power plants and high-profile individuals.These highly trained experts provide defence against potential threats in order to keep critical assets secure.

8. Obtain a state guard license to work in private security |

Want to work in private security? Florida mandates those in the sector earn a State Guard Licence. To achieve this, enrollees complete 40 hours of comprehensive training and pass a rigorous background check conducted by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement – ensuring only qualified candidates can join the ranks as professional Security Guards.

For those looking to work in the security field, a Florida state guard licence is required – and that necessitates obtaining certification. This programme carries 40 hours of specialized training which prepares individuals for professional success as licensed guards. An additional background check supervised by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement also factors into this compulsory licencing process.

As crime and loss prevention become increasingly important, the demand for security guards also rises. To get a job in private security, candidates must first renew their licence before it expires to move forward with training. They can achieve that and then complete an additional 28 hours of instruction covering gun safety, laws, and marksmanship principles vital for success as a guard – ensuring the safety of everyone’s property.

As the private security industry flourishes, many job seekers are seeking out opportunities in this booming field. However it’s important that potential applicants ensure they have a valid licence before beginning – otherwise, their post may not be completed! Upon renewal of their licence, there is also an additional 28 hours of instruction to receive; covering safety aspects such as laws, firearms and marksmanship principles. Thanks to these security guards’ crucial contribution when it comes to crime and loss prevention activities operational within companies across industries, demand for personnel continues on its upward trajectory – providing more opportunity than ever for those looking to enter the field.

How To Get Security License in Florida

Obtaining a security guard licence in Florida is easy for those who meet the requirements. Most applicants qualify by completing initial training with an authorized school, but certified law enforcement and prison officers are exempt from further guard-training prerequisites. Additionally, military veterans with experience working as military police may also qualify to receive their licences without added preparation.

Prospective security guard hopefuls must first complete 40 hours of specialized training. If they meet this prerequisite, the next step is to apply for a Class D License with their state government – requiring payment of a $45 fee and passing a background check conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
After completing the entire process, which can take anywhere from 30-90 days, the authorities issue applicants official permission to work as licensed guards.

How much is a security license in Florida?

Cost is a deciding factor for security guard training in Florida- it can vary depending on where you go and the quality of instruction. In central or northern Florida, schools tend to be more affordable due to lower costs of living compared to other parts in the south. However, levels of education received should also play an important role when choosing your learning institution as this will influence price differences too.

Security training in Florida requires a considerable fee before you can even begin. The state security license application cost is $97.75, and that’s not including fees for the 40 hours of required guard instruction provided by your chosen school or institution. Students who opt to pursue this path must be ready to shell out extra money on top of their tuition costs; however, they gain access to essential hands-on learning experiences that give them greater practical expertise than if they simply watched videos all day – something which many schools provide as an alternative approach!

How to Get Class D Security License in Florida

If you’re looking to establish a rewarding career in the security industry, acquiring a Class D Security License in Florida is your first step towards success. Shergroup USA, a reputable security solutions provider, is here to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth journey to becoming a certified security professional.

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

To be eligible for a Class D Security License in Florida, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Be a United States citizen or legal resident alien.
  3. Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  4. Complete the required training course.

Step 2: Enroll in Training

Shergroup USA offers comprehensive training programs that align with the Florida Division of Licensing’s requirements. Our courses cover essential topics such as legal responsibilities, ethics, emergency procedures, and communication skills.

Step 3: Application Submission

After successfully completing the training, it’s time to submit your application for a Class D Security License to the Florida Division of Licensing. Be prepared to provide necessary documentation, including proof of completing the training program and personal identification.

Step 4: Fingerprinting and Background Check

As part of the application process, you will need to undergo fingerprinting and a background check. This step ensures that only individuals of good moral character are granted security licenses.

Step 5: License Issuance

Once your application is approved and your background check clears, you’ll receive your Class D Security License from the Florida Division of Licensing. Congratulations! You’re now qualified to work as a security officer.

Renewing Your Security License in Florida |

Security licenses in Florida must be renewed every two years. To renew your license, you’ll need to complete the necessary continuing education requirements and submit a renewal application. Shergroup USA can assist you in staying up-to-date with these requirements and ensuring a seamless renewal process.

Class D Security License Costs

The cost of a Class D Security License in Florida can vary based on factors such as training fees, application processing fees, and fingerprinting costs. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on license fees, we recommend checking with Shergroup USA or the Florida Division of Licensing.

Class G Security License

If obtaining a Class G Security License interests you, allowing for armed security work, Shergroup USA can furnish you with details regarding the specific requirements, training programs, and costs linked to acquiring this license. This license allows you to carry a firearm while performing security duties.

Embark on your journey towards a fulfilling security career with Shergroup USA. Contact us today at [insert contact information] to learn more about our Class D Security License training programs, renewal assistance, and the path to obtaining a Class G Security License if desired. Your future as a certified security professional starts here.

Can security guards carry guns in Florida?

In the state of Florida, security guards looking to work in an armed capacity must receive specialized training before they can be licenced. Referred to as a Class G License, this requires 28 hours of firearms instruction and allows them to carry guns while on duty at designated posts. Additionally, for individuals guarding religious locations such as churches or temples, we recommend acquiring your own Class D Security Licence before starting employment.

Candidates looking to gain an armed security licence must demonstrate their expertise by successfully achieving a written test score of 70% or higher, as well as hitting the target 168 times out of 240 in a range qualification. This interactive course educates students on firearm laws, gun safety and weapon skills such marksmanship and mechanics so that applicants can confidently prove themselves worthy for this profession.

For top-tier security services in Florida, USA provided by licensed security guards in Florida, USA, turn to Shergroup USA. Visit to explore our range of services and industry-specific solutions. Ready to discuss your security needs? Contact us at [email protected] or call 833-743-7872 for a personalized consultation.

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