Encompassing A Wide Range Of
Areas Critical To Ensuring The
Safety And Protection Of Their Clients

Ensuring Excellence in Security Management with ISO 18788 & CCSF-K9 Standards Trusted by Schools, Hotels, Theme Parks, Government Agencies, Cargo Facilities, Banks, Airlines, Airports, and Hospitals. 

At Shergroup USA, we understand the critical importance of maintaining robust security systems across various industries. Our consultancy services are designed to align with the internationally recognized ISO 18788 standards for security management and the stringent CCSF-K9 standards, ensuring the highest level of security compliance. 

Our Services | 

  1. Comprehensive Security Audits |
  • Detailed analysis and assessment of existing security measures. 
  • Recommendations for enhancements in line with ISO 18788 & CCSF-K9 standards. 
  1. Customized Security Strategies |
  • Tailored plans to address unique challenges in various sectors including education, hospitality, entertainment, government, aviation, banking, and healthcare. 
  • Focus on preventative measures and rapid response protocols. 
  1. Training and Development |
  • Specialized training programs for security personnel. 
  • Workshops on the latest security technologies and best practices. 
  1. K9 Security Solutions |
  • Implementation of CCSF-K9 compliant canine security teams. 
  • Expert handling and maintenance of K9 units for optimal performance. 
  1. Continual Support and Advisory |
  • Ongoing consultancy and support to ensure sustained security excellence. 
  • Regular updates and advisories on evolving security threats and mitigation strategies. 

Why Choose Shergroup USA? 

  • Expertise in Security Compliance | Our team is well-versed in the ISO 18788 and CCSF-K9 standards, providing you with top-notch security consultancy. 
  • Industry-Specific Solutions | We offer customized security solutions tailored to the unique needs of your sector. 
  • State-of-the-Art Technology | Leveraging the latest in security technology to ensure comprehensive protection. 
  • Commitment to Excellence | Our approach is proactive, focused on preventing security breaches before they occur. 

Who We Serve | 

  • Schools | Enhancing the safety of students and staff with advanced security protocols. 
  • Hotels & Theme Parks | Ensuring guest safety while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. 
  • Government Agencies | Securing sensitive information and facilities with stringent measures. 
  • Cargo Facilities & Banks | Protecting assets through sophisticated security systems. 
  • Airlines & Airports | Implementing rigorous security checks for safe travel experiences. 
  • Hospitals | Balancing accessibility with the need for secure healthcare environments. 
  • Commercial Property Managers | Offering comprehensive security solutions for office buildings, shopping centers, and residential complexes. 
  • Events Companies | Ensuring the safety and security of attendees and staff at various events, from corporate conferences to large public gatherings. 

Risk Assessment

Shergroup USA excels in conducting comprehensive risk assessments for various industries and organizations. Their experts are skilled at identifying potential vulnerabilities, evaluating threats, and assessing the potential impact of security breaches. By conducting thorough risk assessments, Shergroup USA helps clients prioritize security measures and allocate resources effectively to mitigate potential risks.

Security Infrastructure

Shergroup USA specializes in the design and implementation of security infrastructure tailored to specific client needs. This includes the selection and installation of surveillance systems, access control mechanisms, and physical security measures. They consider factors such as the physical layout of the facility, potential threats, and the client’s operational requirements to create robust security infrastructure that safeguards assets and personnel.

Security Operations

Shergroup USA is adept at optimizing security operations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Their expertise in security operations involves developing security protocols, incident response plans, and training programs for security personnel. They ensure that security teams are well-prepared to respond to various threats, emergencies, and security incidents, minimizing potential risks and improving overall security posture.

Policies & Procedures

Shergroup USA helps organizations establish and refine security policies and procedures that align with industry best practices and legal requirements. They assist in creating clear and actionable security guidelines, ensuring that employees and security personnel understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining a secure environment. These policies and procedures are designed to reduce vulnerabilities and enhance security awareness within an organization.

K9 Use & Deployment

Shergroup USA leverages the expertise of K9 units in security operations. They specialize in the effective deployment of K9 teams for tasks such as explosives or narcotics detection. Their K9 units are trained to work seamlessly with security teams, providing an additional layer of security that deters threats and enhances safety measures.

Technology Integration

Shergroup USA is proficient in integrating advanced security technologies into existing infrastructure. This includes the integration of access control systems, surveillance cameras, alarms, and other security devices into a unified, centralized system. This integration streamlines security monitoring and response, providing clients with real-time insights into potential threats and incidents.