Found Red Headphones in the Lobby

At Shergroup USA, our commitment to maintaining a secure and orderly environment extends beyond traditional security measures. Our officers are dedicated to ensuring that lost items are handled with care and promptly returned to their rightful owners. A recent incident involving a found item in the lobby highlights the attention to detail and responsibility of our team.

Incident Overview

While patrolling the premises, a Shergroup USA, officer noticed a pair of red headphones left unattended on a table in the lobby. Recognizing the importance of promptly addressing lost items, the officer took immediate action to ensure the headphones were secured and available for the owner to claim.

Responsible Handling

The Shergroup USA security officer retrieved the red headphones and turned them in to the Front Desk. This action ensured that the headphones were placed in a secure location, where they could be easily accessed by the person who lost them.

Facilitating Lost and Found

The Front Desk staff were informed about the found item, and a log was made to record the details of the discovery. This log serves as a reference to help reunite lost items with their owners efficiently. Residents and visitors who may have lost items are encouraged to check with the Front Desk for any found items.


This incident underscores the importance of vigilance and responsibility in maintaining a secure and organized environment. Our officers are trained to handle even the smallest details with care, ensuring that lost items are treated with the same level of importance as other security concerns.

At Shergroup USA, we strive to provide a safe and orderly environment for all residents and visitors. Our officers are committed to addressing every aspect of security, from managing lost and found items to responding to emergencies.

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