Establishing an In-House CCSF-K9 Team Capability

Implementation of In-House CCSF-K9 team

Air cargo forwarders and handling companies are often in a quandary regarding the implementation of in-house CCSF-K9 teams to support their cargo screening operations. The idea of deploying K9 teams is tempting because it can increase screening capability and save money, but the lack of knowledge and expertise to bring this role in-house and still be compliant is holding many back. However, with the experience of Shergroup USA’s K9 consultancy service, companies can consider taking this vital role in-house with confidence.

Shergroup USA’s K9 Consultancy Service

Shergroup USA’s K9 consultancy service can help air cargo handling companies establish its own fully TSA-compliant Certified Cargo Screening Facility K9 (CCSF-K9) capability. Our executive consultancy team provides valuable experience in quantifying the K9 team needs, surveying ongoing screening needs, and identifying potential gaps in security. They advise and assist with handler recruitment and canine selection and acquisition. Our experienced team will also provide advice on K9 welfare, help produce operational guidelines, supply technology to track operational compliance, and continually assess operations to maintain compliance.

K9 Team Training

Shergroup USA’s K9 team training is second to none in the world of cargo screening. Moreover, the teams are selected based on the best attributes for the work they will undertake. Additionally, their training is undertaken at a world-class 175-acre canine training academy located in Anniston. Furthermore, the academy has 150 kennel runs, auditorium classrooms, and over 60,000 sq/ft of training buildings. Besides, it’s capable of hosting 60 K9 teams in training every day. Moreover, the K9 handlers are fully experienced, have received outstanding training, and are used to providing the type of security and screening services required for air cargo handling environments.

When matched with their K9 partners, they provide outstanding detection and deterrence for all types of explosive and other threat explosive devices. We will also assist our customers to establish critical maintenance training to sustain the K9 team proficiency and ensure teams are able to meet stringent monthly explosive odor training and quarterly internal and external TSA blind audits.

K9 Security Site Surveys

Shergroup USA’s team will conduct assessments across every stage of the customer’s cargo screening and transportation system. Their expert team will help companies determine operational needs, such as where and when to deploy K9 resources, best screening and documentation protocols, and what capabilities they should have to close any current security gaps. Shergroup USA has the capability to build proprietary technology platforms that enable immediate capture and transfer of all information collected from deployed K9 teams to the company’s security command center in real-time. They can prepare an online dashboard to provide timely information to executives, security managers, and TSA stakeholders.

Standard Operating Procedures

Shergroup USA’s consultants can not only write the standard operating procedures for their CCSF-K9 teams and define how to use them as a means of detection and deterrence, but they can also facilitate and enhance their cargo screening operations. Additionally, they have the ability to coordinate and integrate with the customer’s local TSA representatives and warehouse and security to create “synergy” with their systems as well.


Air cargo handling companies must take the necessary steps to ensure that their cargo screening facilities are fully compliant with the TSA and ICAO while increasing their screening capabilities and saving money. Shergroup USA’s K9 consultancy service can help companies establish and utilize in-house CCSF-K9 teams correctly, achieving compliance and providing excellent K9 teams with outstanding detection and deterrence capabilities. Shergroup USA’s K9 security site surveys, proprietary technology platforms, and standard operating procedures will equip companies with the necessary tools to maintain compliance, protect their assets, and ensure the safety of their employees and the traveling public. Companies interested in self-performing K9 screening operations should contact Shergroup USA today.
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