How Shergroup Security Can Help Enhance Hotel Swimming Pool Safety


As a security company with over a decade of experience of working in hotels in Central Florida, Shergroup Security understands the importance of maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for hotel guests, particularly when it comes to amenities like swimming pools.

In recent years, concerns have been raised about the safety of “the pool area” due to a number of incidents or people getting into suffering difficulty whilst in the water.  Whilst it is a blessing that the number of hotel pool drownings remain low, a pool area for a hotel or other public building is a high-risk area which must be kept under close surveillance. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of including a public pool area in a risk assessment to build a clear understanding of the hazard of deep water, and how the risk of someone drowning can be eliminated to the point of zero risk.

The Importance of Surveillance and Security

There are several factors that can contribute to drowning incidents in hotel swimming pools, including lack of supervision, alcohol consumption, inadequate swimming skills, medical emergencies, and unfamiliarity with the pool environment. On top of this there is the fact that people visit hotels to relax (even after a conference or event) and use their free time to mix and mingle with customers and colleagues. 

As such time by the pool can escalate from a no risk situation to a high-risk situation in a relatively short period of time.

To effectively address these risks, it is essential to have a comprehensive approach to swimming pool safety that includes both surveillance and security.

Shergroup Security’s Role in Pool Safety

Shergroup Security, a pro-active provider of security services, commits to assisting hotels in Central Florida in maintaining a safe environment for their guests. Our trained security officers actively prevent drowning incidents by conducting the following tasks, which we have built into our “Post Orders.”

  1. Regular pool checks |

    Our security officers conduct routine checks of the swimming pool area throughout the day, ensuring that guests are following safety rules and monitoring for any potential hazards.
  2. Observing guests’ behavior |

    Our security officers keep a close eye on guests’ behavior in and around the pool area, identifying any potentially risky activities and reminding guests of the hotel’s pool safety rules when necessary.  If necessary, the Security Officer records all such reminders and interactions with guests on the Security Officer’s Daily Activity Report and prepares an Incident report, which includes photographs/video of the incident.
  3. Checking pool equipment

    | Our security officers inspect pool equipment such as rescue devices, depth markers, and drain covers, ensuring they are available and noting on their Daily Activity Report if any items need further investigation.
  4. Securing the pool area outside operating hours |

     Our security officers include pool areas on their patrol routes to walk past and note anything out of the ordinary. They ensure that they securely lock all access points to the pool area after hours, preventing unauthorized entry and potential accidents.  That said people do climb fences and jump hedges so we do keep an eye on who may be trying to access the pool as part of our regular foot patrols.
  5. Monitoring surveillance cameras  |

    Shergroup Security can help hotels install and monitor surveillance cameras in and around the pool area, providing an additional layer of security and allowing for quick response in case of emergencies or unauthorized access.  It makes sense for security officers to monitor cameras and provide reports on their findings for the hotel management.
  6. Responding to emergencies |

    Our security officers, in the event of an emergency or unauthorized access, quickly respond, follow their Post Orders, and dial 911.  Officers trained in CPR may well be first responders to an incident and will follow our Standard Operating Procedures so that be the case.  


Hotel swimming pool safety is a top priority for Shergroup Security when we are working in this type of environment.  We dedicate ourselves to providing comprehensive surveillance and security services to protect the public. By closely monitoring pool areas, enforcing safety rules, and securing the pool area after hours, our security officers play a vital role in reducing the risk of drowning, near-drowning, and slips and falls incidents in hotel swimming pools in Central Florida.

With Shergroup Security’s initiative-taking approach to pool safety, hotel operators can ensure that their guests enjoy a safe and memorable experience during their stay.

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