How to Implement a Quality Assurance Plan with Our Checklist

To ensure a smooth transition between the current security operation and Shergroup USA the following Quality Assurance Checklist is implemented by TEAM Shergroup. This checklist follows ISO9001 and other management standards to maintain a continuous security operation with no gaps in delivery during the transition phase.

New Site Quality Assurance Checklist

As buyers of security guarding services will appreciate, Security is expected to be vigilant, alert and possess exceptional analytical abilities and stamina to carry out their duties. While the nature of duties and responsibilities will differ from location to location, there is a need to achieve continuity in the guarding operation which works across all types of sites. By ensuring that our security guards fully comprehend these essential attributes of their job, Shergroup Security is better equipped to create a safe environment for everyone at the location where security guarding services are being delivered.
The Checklist encompasses the following key areas |

1. Securing the Premises | Our security guards are frequently assigned to serve as the first line of defence for our clients any illegal activity or external threat. Unlike police officers, who use offensive tactics like apprehending criminals or detaining assailants after an incident has occurred, Shergroup Security guards use preventative measures to deter crime and keep everyone safe.

2. Patrolling the property | Our security patrols review the current schedule and look to see if there are any gaps which need to be addressed, We use our risk assessment report to decide what if any changes need to be made. Then we set up guard patrols in line with client expectations or our own assessment. These patrols are put in place to ensure people living or working on a site are safe by regularly making the rounds to prevent damage, burglary, and other unexpected occurrences. They assess on the spot if something looks out of place and they will report and photograph what they see. This report is added to the APP on their device and is immediately uploaded into the Shergroup Security database.

3. Monitoring the premises |  Shergroup security officers use a combination of tech including CCTV and their own body-worn camera devices to monitor and observe the environment they are protecting. If the situation calls for it, the officers can start investigating or call for additional help by calling 911 or other point of contact as agreed with our client.

We understand the need for contemporary evidence which is fair and balanced in its production and which reflects what the security guard sees and hears in any incident.

4. Controlling access | Security guards make sure only authorized people gain access to designated areas on a site. Access controls and locked doors and gates are noted and are checked as part of the patrol route.

5. Inspections | Shergroup security guards are primarily in charge of inspecting buildings and ensuring that all doors and access points are properly locked and secured. These access and egress points are logged in Post Orders and make up part of the Daily Activity Report so the client can see that they were checked as part of the patrol cycle.

6. Proper log management | From a security point of view, security logs are reviewed on a daily basis by on-the-ground and back-office supervisors. Weekly management meetings are held to review the SITUATION REPORT (SITREP) which shows the overall number of logs which have been uploaded onto the Shergroup Security platform. From this, we can deduce the number of patrols, incidents, tour scans and log-on and log-off times.

We share all the data with our clients by giving them online access to our platform or by emailing daily reports.

7. Identifying Criminal Activity | Whilst it is not the role of a security officer to apprehend or arrest a person who is committing a criminal act, the security officer needs to be ready to observe and report such activity to the authorities. This will inevitably involve calling local law enforcement to the scene and observing and capturing activity on a device for evidence gathering.

8. Protecting Assets | Shergroup security guards play an essential role in securing the loss of valuable assets such as vehicles, and other property. Again, a full risk assessment will enable Shergroup Security’s management team to assess the assets on a site – and to create as part of the quality assurance procedures, specific protocols that are right for our client.

9. Reporting and Observation | Reporting is an important aspect of any guard’s job. A security guard is expected to make daily observations and report them under established protocols. Typically, this will entail informing the manager, reporting to a supervisor, or calling authorities or emergency services as needed.

Shergroup Security has strengthened the quality of its reporting and observations so that daily and weekly metrics confirm that we are operating the optimum score of 100%.

10. Incident Handling | In emergencies and times of crisis, security guards provide leadership and direction. When security guards are unable to handle a situation, it is their responsibility to contact the appropriate authorities as soon as possible and request additional assistance. They are also responsible for reporting irregularities such as property damage, theft, or any other common occurrence. In the event of a security incident, they serve as a knowledgeable resource and point of contact for authorities.

Shergroup Security will also take on board the nuances of any particular site and report on particular issues such as lighting, barriers, CCTV cameras, pool areas, locked doors, access controls, and stairwells.

11. Communication | Being a security guard entails more than just being on patrol and making sure everything is safe and secure. Communication is an essential component of the job. When it comes to protecting a building, personnel, or valuable items, it is in everyone’s best interest for security guards to always communicate effectively and efficiently. This is why our APP and platform is so important. Reports are prepared and delivered in real time along with photographs and tour stop scans which forms contemporaneous evidence if needed.

It also gives customers peace of mind about the quality of our service – in that we are adhering to our service delivery which is being constantly measured.

12. Damage Reduction | Security guards are also skilled at assessing threats and recommending solutions to protect people and property from potential threats. If employees violate a security protocol, security services can investigate the situation and recommend additional safeguards to help avoid trouble. They must be able to predict events and act quickly to avoid crises. This will necessitate a keen sense of smell and a focused mind.


Shergroup Security offers professionally trained and experienced security guards when you need guarding for your site. We carry out the risk assessment for your site determining the security needs and preparing or updating your current security plan.

As per your instructions, our Operations Team carefully select the guards which are the right fit for your site. Site-specific training is given before the deployment of guards on our APP so that officers can store all their observations and patrol log details in our database. This database is available for our clients to see with all the detailed information down to individual incidents and patrol stops.

Information is emailed to our clients daily at their preferred time. We also create Site Summaries of data from this data to show our 100% (or as near as we can achieve that) to the site instructions.