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Whatever your needs, K9 Security can provide the solution. From environmental to safety and security- we have you covered!

Security K9 is a significant component in protecting public places. They are specially trained to detect explosives and weapons, which can be used by law enforcement or the military in their work; they also provide an extra layer of protection for crowds when performing tasks such as searching buildings and vehicles with extreme care necessary due to these dogs’ sensitive nature around strangers.

K-9’s main purpose isn’t just making sure you don’t bring guns into airports though – It goes much deeper than that! These canine companions serve not only one skilled individual but many people who rely on them: stadium managers maintain peace at sporting events while fire departments ensure no emergencies go unchecked

Our dogs and their human partners are an efficient team that can be relied on for protection. Dogs are highly skilled at protecting their owners from intruders. They have a very close bond with them, which results in an excellent partnership that can deliver the ultimate protection for you and your business!

Why Use Security Guard Dogs?

When you need instant protection, there’s no better way than deploy a highly trained security dog. These animals are efficient and cost-effective ways to provide enhanced safety solutions in varied situations – whether it be on-site or long-term!

The dog handler can be equipped with body cams to provide live streams of activities taking place in real-time. This means you will never have any worries about your site being unprotected or vulnerable at night, as the 24/7 monitoring ensures that everything is secure for everyone on our property!

Few more reasons to hire security dogs

  • Hiring a K9 security guard is significantly cheaper than hiring two guards.
  • The security dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than a human’s. A fourfold increase in sound waves will be heard by the canine, while we only notice it when something sounds like there are others around us or if it’s very loud indeed!
  • The dogs’ sense of smell is so accurate, it can detect drugs and explosives.
  • The security dog is always on its toes, able to run up to 45 miles per hour.
  • There are many benefits to having a security dog, such as the fact that they’re scarier and will therefore deter would-be intruders.

Security Dog Guard Types

Mobile Patrol Dogs

Mobile patrols offer a service that will keep your site safe with the help of their security dogs. They can perform drive-bys at any time, or you might prefer them to come during specific hours when there is high-risk activity going on in order for us to make sure everything remains secure while we’re away!

If you’re not able to staff your workshop or warehouse 24/7, then mobile patrols are an excellent option for keeping the burglar away. A quick response time can deter potential intruders and keep the property safe from harm!

Search and Detection Dogs

K9’s exceptional senses make them an ideal candidate for search and detection services. They undergo months of special training before they become experts at sniffing out anything!

The most effective and adaptive method for explosives detection is the canine nose.

Dogs are superior at identifying threats because they can see, smell and hear better than humans. They’re great for scanning large areas to find any risky places or stationery dogs that may be entry points into your facility so you know who’s coming in!

Manned Security Guarding Unit

An excellent K9 security guard unit will send a strong signal to potential intruders so they know not only does your property belong to you, but it’s also guarded by dogs!

The deployment of a dog unit is likely to improve visible security and could be more effective at preventing any unauthorised access. Security guards and dogs trained in deterring potential intruders – these are just two common ways that you can make your employees feel safer while also ensuring their protection from harm!

Events and Crowd Control Dog Units

The K9 unit is a highly effective, versatile security measure that can be used in public places to identify any disturbances or unwanted behaviour and respond quickly.

These dogs are trained to deal with large groups of people. When an emergency situation arises, a security dog can be the difference between life and death for guards. The extraordinary senses of security dogs can be used to detect distress, identify perpetrators and reinforce instructions given by professional guards.

When you need to maintain a strong security presence in difficult spots, Shergroup Security Dogs (aka K9) can provide perfect and uptight protection for your business. Our trained Canines are accompanied by their handler who teaches them how scent detection works so they know exactly what actions should take place when there’s an emerging risk or criminal activity happening near our property sites!