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K9 Sevices

Shergroup K9 [SGK9] is an International Canine Consultancy Agency, specializing in the use and deployment of explosive, firearms and narcotics detection, body-worn detection, patrol, and multi-purpose canine team deployments for government, law enforcement and commercial and private entities worldwide.

  • Shergoup USA can help you build your own K9 Program
  • Our industry leading consultants will provide event and service organizers peace of mind, across all areas of deployed K9 team services and program delivery.
  • Our experts will help you quantify how many K9 teams you need, where and when to deploy them, and what capabilities they should have to close current security gaps.
  • Our team will conduct K9 security site surveys across all service areas, to include airports, shipping ports, border security, stadiums, arenas, commercial areas, and key transit routes.
  • Our team can produce complex rate developments, to fully capture mobilization, operational and sustainment expenses, as well as profit.
  • Our consultants can write the standard operating procedures for your deployed K9 teams, as well as define how to use the K9 teams as a means of detection and deterrence.
  • We can build proprietary technology platforms to ensure that all information collected from deployed K9 teams, and your canine program is immediately captured and transferred to your security command center in real-time.
  • A K9 security dashboard can be prepared, to provide timely information to Executives, Security Managers, and any local authorities.
  • Our experts can work with event and service organizers, providing additional command and control on all K9 services, prior to and during the events

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