How to Obtain an Armed Security License in Florida?

Are you considering a career in armed security in the Sunshine State? Florida offers promising opportunities for individuals looking to become licensed armed security guards. In this concise guide, Shergroup USA outlines the essential steps to acquire an armed security license in Florida and offers insights into the process.

Steps to Obtain an Armed Security License in Florida

  1. Meet Basic Requirements

To be eligible for an armed security license in Florida, you must meet specific prerequisites

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Possess a valid Class D Security Officer License (unarmed security license).
  3. Have completed the required training.
  1. Complete Additional Training

Armed security guards in Florida must undergo specialized training in the safe and legal use of firearms. This training includes topics such as firearm safety, marksmanship, and legal aspects of carrying and using a firearm.

  1. Pass a Background Check

As part of the licensing process, you’ll undergo a thorough background check, including fingerprinting. Any criminal history or disqualifying factors may impact your eligibility.

  1. Apply for the Armed Security License

Submit an application for the armed security license through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). Ensure that all required documents, including proof of training, are included with your application.

  1. Pass the State Exam

After completing the application process, you’ll need to pass a state examination to demonstrate your knowledge of relevant laws and regulations pertaining to armed security work in Florida.

  1. Obtain Firearms Endorsement

If you pass the state exam and meet all other requirements, you will receive an armed security license with a firearms endorsement. This endorsement permits you to carry a firearm while on duty.

Benefits of an Armed Security License in Florida

  • Expanded Career Opportunities

    Holding an armed security license broadens your employment options, as armed security guards are in demand across various industries, including private security, events, and more.
  • Higher Earning Potential

    Armed security guards often earn higher salaries than their unarmed counterparts due to the added responsibility and training required.
  • Enhanced Skillset

    The specialized training you receive equips you with valuable skills in firearm handling, safety, and crisis management.
  • Greater Security

    Armed security guards play a crucial role in protecting people and property, making a meaningful contribution to community safety.


Acquiring an armed security license in Florida is a process that involves training, background checks, and a commitment to safety and professionalism. By following the steps outlined above, you can pursue a rewarding career in armed security and contribute to safeguarding businesses, events, and communities in the state.

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