How Does Shergroup Security Manage Its Scheduling?  We Run It Like a Football TEAM

One of the most challenging aspects of building a security guarding operation, and delivering a service, is staffing and maintaining the schedule for security operations.  It goes without saying that customers expect their security officers to be on post at the appointed time, looking sharp, and with all senses finely tuned in to the job. 

Building a Reliable Security Team |

Building a team of like-minded responsible officers take time and patience.  Good officers will be on post on time, provide little or no upset on the schedule, and provide quality reporting with a helpful and friendly demeanour.  They will provide exactly the service that the customer is looking for.

The analogy we often use to create this smooth operation is one of building a football team.  The security officers are the players – and very important they are too.  They have a coach – as their manager and supervisors, and ultimately there is a manager who looks at the overall performance to ensure we are delivering the service our customers want and need.    

Building a Reliable Security Team |

In building this team we have developed a robust scheduling process that takes into account a variety of factors, including the size of the customer’s property, the number of shifts required, and the level of risk involved. We also factor in things like employee availability, training requirements, and time off requests to ensure that we have the right number of staff available at all times.

We have designed our scheduling process to be as flexible as possible, enabling us to adjust staffing levels quickly and easily as needed. Also, We are careful to avoid overloading our employees with excessive workloads, as this can lead to burnout and decreased job satisfaction.

By prioritizing appropriate staffing levels, we are able to ensure that our security officers are well-rested and able to perform their duties effectively, without the need for excessive overtime hours. This not only benefits our employees by promoting a healthy work-life balance, but it also ensures that our customers receive the highest level of service and protection possible.  Here at Shergroup Security we play to win – and to give our staff and our customers the best possible outcomes from choosing us at their security provider.

Operational Strategies for Proper Staffing |

We employ a number of operational strategies to ensure that our security teams are always properly staffed and prepared for any eventuality. These include |

  • Preparing our Master schedule in advance and monitoring overtime: We prepare our schedules well in advance, which allows us to plan out our staffing needs and identify potential overtime situations. By doing this, we can take steps to avoid overtime wherever possible, such as adjusting schedules or bringing in additional part-time officers.
  • Employing part-time officers: We employ a number of part-time officers to supplement our full-time staff. This helps to ensure that no single officer works more than 40 hours per week, which not only helps to avoid overtime but also promotes a healthier work-life balance for our employees.
  • Creating an on-call officer pool: We maintain a pool of on-call officers who are available to fill in on short notice in the event of call-offs or other unexpected absences. This allows us to quickly and easily fill any staffing gaps that may arise, without having to resort to excessive overtime.

Benefits of Efficient Staffing |

This subsection emphasizes the benefits of maintaining appropriate staffing levels and avoiding excessive overtime. Firstly, it discusses the positive impact on employee well-being, including their physical and mental health. Additionally, it highlights the importance of achieving a healthy work-life balance for the employees. Moreover, maintaining proper staffing levels enables the company to consistently deliver the highest level of service and protection to customers, ensuring their satisfaction.

And of course you may be asking what football team do we support?  Well so as we don’t alienate anyone we have our favorites – but ultimately as we love the color purple and we are out of Orlando then we support first and foremost Orlando City SC – although to maybe you view this as soccer and football!

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