Ensuring Safety and Security: A Shergroup Officer’s Response to Trespassing

Maintaining a safe and secure environment is a top priority for Shergroup USA security officers. Here’s an account of a recent incident that exemplifies our officers’ vigilance and commitment to upholding the law.

While patrolling an area near a plaza, a Shergroup security officer received a call from a nearby business, Pack Ship & Print. The caller, Michelle, reported that an individual, Michael, who had been previously trespassed from the property, was seen loitering at the end of the plaza.

Taking immediate action, the officer contacted the emergency services (911). Upon the responding officer’s arrival at the scene, Michael was still present on the property. For the sake of due process, Shergroup officer likely requested that the responding officer verify Michael’s trespassing status through a check. This verification confirmed Michael’s trespassing violation, and he was subsequently arrested.

This Incident Highlights Several key Aspects of Shergroup’s Security Approach |

Proactive Patrols |

Regular patrols deter crime and ensure a watchful presence throughout the designated area.

Communication and Collaboration |

Maintaining open communication with tenants and businesses like Pack Ship & Print fosters a sense of community and facilitates timely response.

Following Due Process |

Shergroup USA Security officers are trained to act within the legal framework, ensuring that apprehensions are made lawfully.

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