Shergroup’s Approach to Quality Management for its US Operations

Introduction | When it comes to private security operations, quality management is of paramount importance. Shergroup USA, a leading provider of security services, understands the significance of delivering high-quality security operations to its clients. To ensure consistency and effectiveness, Shergroup follows a comprehensive Quality Assurance Plan based on ISO 18788 standards. In this blog post, we will explore Shergroup’s approach to quality management and how it benefits its clients.


      1. 1. Quality Objectives

        Shergroup Security establishes and maintains specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound quality objectives for its security guarding operations. These objectives are periodically reviewed and updated to align with evolving industry standards and client requirements. By setting clear objectives, Shergroup ensures a focus on quality improvement.

      1. 2. Compliance with ISO Standards

        Shergroup Security complies with relevant ISO standards, particularly ISO 18788 – Management System for Private Security Operations. This standard provides guidelines for establishing, implementing, and maintaining a management system for private security operations. By adhering to ISO standards, Shergroup ensures that its operations meet international best practices.

      1. 3. Risk Assessment

        Every client and site is unique, and Shergroup Security conducts a comprehensive risk assessment for each one. This assessment helps identify potential security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks specific to the client’s needs. Based on the assessment, Shergroup develops customized security plans to mitigate risks effectively.

      1. 4. Personnel Selection and Training

        Shergroup Security selects and trains its personnel according to ISO 18788 requirements. This includes conducting background checks, verifying qualifications, providing appropriate training, and assessing the competency of personnel. By ensuring a skilled and qualified workforce, Shergroup maintains the highest standards of security service delivery.

      1. 5. Operational Planning and Execution

        Shergroup Security develops detailed security plans for each client and site, encompassing access control, surveillance, alarm response, incident management, and emergency response procedures. These plans are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure their effectiveness in addressing evolving security challenges.

      1. 6. Performance Evaluation

        Regular performance evaluation is crucial for maintaining quality standards. Shergroup Security measures and evaluates its security guarding operations through client satisfaction surveys, performance metrics tracking, and identifying opportunities for improvement. This ongoing evaluation allows Shergroup to address any deficiencies and continuously enhance its service delivery.

      1. 7. Continuous Improvement

        Shergroup Security has established a system for continuous improvement of its security guarding operations. By regularly reviewing the security plan, personnel training, and performance evaluation results, Shergroup identifies opportunities for improvement and implements necessary changes to enhance service quality further.

    Utilization of Technology |

    Shergroup recognizes the importance of leveraging technology to enhance its services. The company utilizes the Officer Reports online portal, which provides real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. This system allows for immediate incident reporting, performance monitoring, post order management, and performance inspections. By utilizing the latest handheld technology, Shergroup ensures efficient and transparent communication with clients and swift resolution of any issues.

    Conclusion |  Shergroup USA’s approach to quality management is rooted in the ISO 18788 standards for private security operations. By adhering to these standards, conducting thorough risk assessments, selecting and training qualified personnel, and utilizing technology-driven monitoring and reporting systems, Shergroup delivers high-quality security services to its clients. Through continuous improvement efforts, Shergroup remains committed to adapting to changing security needs and exceeding client expectations.

    To learn more about Shergroup’s quality management approach and how it can benefit your security requirements, please visit their website at or contact them directly at +1 (833) 743-7872 or [email protected].