Types of Security Guards and What They Do

Security services are in high demand due to the many threats faced by businesses today. Security guards act as an invaluable line of defence against any potential breaches, safeguarding assets and defending their property with a vigilant eye. Beyond traditional surveillance roles, security personnel may also be responsible for providing customer service or handling emergency situations depending on their position – making them essential components of our day-to-day safety precautions.

With crime rates rising, security guards serve as the front line of defence across every nation. Employing more than 1 million individuals, they are responsible for safeguarding people and property alike in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Security guards have become an integral part of the economy, and their presence has been growing in leaps and bounds. Despite this large-scale development, people often think that all security guard services are created equal; a belief far from reality! In actuality, there is quite a variety when it comes to these offerings – some being better suited for specific requirements than others.

Security personnel play an important role in keeping your property safe and secure. From patrolling outdoor areas to guarding entry points, there are a variety of types of security guards available – each with its own unique set of skills. Understanding these roles is key to choosing the right guard for particular security assignments.

Types of Security Guards

1. Government Contract Security Guards

Government hired security guards are highly skilled in protecting and defending personnel, buildings, land and other assets. Trained to the highest standards of defence tactics as well as bearing arms when necessary, these guardians of safety work diligently on a variety of assignments.

Security professionals are tasked with providing safety and protection for essential sites, such as courthouses or military command centres. When a high-risk scenario arises, they’re ready to act quickly in order to preserve the security of personnel and property.

Those seeking to become Government Security Guards must not only demonstrate the basic qualifications but additionally maintain a spotless legal standing. Unfortunately for those who have committed offences in the past, it is highly unlikely they will receive employment within this sector.

2. In-House Security Guards

Companies have the opportunity to ensure their own protection through a more personal approach: by hiring independent security guards. These privately-contracted individuals are required to adhere to each business’ specific set of expectations and report directly to them as opposed to any other private agencies. Despite certain laws prohibiting this practice in some countries, many companies take advantage of being able to hire internal protections for added confidence and safety tactics.

These types of security guards have a wide range of opportunities for employing including.

  • Armoured Guards
  • Bank
  • Hospital and Medical facility
  • Cruise Ship
  • Information Security industries.
  • Hotel and Resort
  • Nightclub Bouncers
  • Museums

3. Contract Security Guards

Private security guards are a vital component of the protection industry and can be sourced through reliable agencies. Companies across all industries may require this type of specialist protection to ensure safety for their personnel or property – making contract security professionals key in preserving peace of mind.

Private Security Guard Options

When looking for private security services, companies have a range of options to choose from. Security firms typically provide an array of guard-related solutions such as surveillance monitoring, access control setup and implementation or training in crisis management techniques.

1. Unarmed Security

Unarmed security guards are an invaluable asset to properties and businesses, their very presence acting as a powerful deterrent. Despite not carrying weapons or firearms, these highly trained individuals carry out essential tasks such as patrolling locations, monitoring CCTV systems and protecting against potential threats while also maintaining public order through crowd control measures if necessary. These determined professionals make up over 80% of the global security services industry providing round-the-clock service without fail ensuring that vulnerable spaces remain safe 24/7.

2. Armed Security

Armed security guards have become the go-to solution for businesses, organizations and private entities seeking greater protection in high-risk environments. These professionals possess comprehensive knowledge of relevant safety procedures and are usually licensed by their state to carry firearms while on duty – a requirement which demands specialized training beyond regular guard schooling.

Armed personnel often boast police or military backgrounds, giving them special insight into weaponry management as well as an understanding of complex threat situations. As such, armed guards can be seen in places like banks stocking valuable assets or stadiums brimming with thousands of people – any location that needs elevated levels of shielding from potential danger may call upon these experienced defenders’ service.

3. Bodyguards

Our esteemed and experienced personal security officers are dedicated to ensuring the safety of prominent figures, from High Net-Worth Individuals to dignitaries – even celebrities. Equipped with advanced weaponry and skilled in protective tactics, these protection agents provide discreet defence for those who require extra vigilance.

4. Video Surveillance Operator

Private security personnel are the first line of defence for many businesses, trained in both sophisticated equipment and vigilant tactics. Along with collaborating with other guards on-site to detect suspicious activity–and thanks to strategically placed CCTV cameras inside and outside facilities-these operators can monitor situations actively from a safe distance. Though mostly tasked with low-level surveillance duties, video monitoring is still crucial; it’s often these operatives who identify serious disruptions that could compromise business operations.

5. Patrol Guards

Shergroup USA’s mobile patrol security guards provide trusted surveillance of your office and home premises. During scheduled visits or on-call, our fully vetted personnel will inspect the area to ensure its safety – armed with a tagging system that records when they’ve visited certain locations.

6. Event Security Guards

Event Security Guards are the public face of safety, providing essential services such as crowd control and maintaining order at popular concerts, sporting events and professional conferences. The guard’s role is vital in preventing physical altercations – especially important when alcohol or emotion run high – while their expertise ensures attendees adhere to permitted areas only with no forbidden items brought into a venue.

Summing Up |

In conclusion, the demand for security services has never been higher, given the increasing threats faced by businesses today. Security guards serve as the crucial first line of defense, protecting assets and ensuring the safety of people and property. They go beyond traditional surveillance, often providing customer service and responding to emergencies, making them indispensable for our daily safety.

With the rise in crime rates, security guards are the front line of defense in every nation, with over 1 million individuals employed in this crucial field. The presence of security guards in our economy has grown significantly, and it’s essential to understand that not all security guard services are the same. There’s a different types of security guards, each suited for specific security needs.

In-House Security Guards offer a more personalized approach, while Contract Security Guards provided by reliable agencies are essential in preserving peace of mind. These guards include Unarmed Security, Armed Security, Bodyguards, Video Surveillance Operators, Patrol Guards, and Event Security Guards, each serving specific security needs.

In a world where security is paramount, these dedicated professionals stand as protectors of our safety, providing vital services that go beyond conventional surveillance, contributing to the protection and well-being of individuals and property alike. As the security landscape continues to evolve, understanding the distinct roles and responsibilities of various security personnel is essential in choosing the right guard for specific security requirements.

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