Using Canines to Address School Violence | Shergroup USA’s School Safety K9 Teams

For educational institutions these days, maintaining the safety becomes a most essential mission. The ever-increasing school violence problems have inspired the search of those that are dynamic and efficient in terms of safety. However, when it comes to School Safety K9 Catalyst teams as measures, it stands out as a significant instrument to preempt and detect threats. Shergroup USA as a pioneer organization works at the forefront of schools’ security trend in the United States where specially trained dogs and handlers are widely applied in order to enhance security in schools.

The job of K9 groups stationed in the school provides a cushion against any potential danger.
Canine development activities by Shergroup USA are performed with the firearms detection K9s ready. They undergo strict Regiment of training under the supervision of their handlers. Such teams are greatly significant in the issue of the providers of security to educational centres. However, the question that remains about their effectiveness in mitigating school violence is whether or not they actually contribute to this goal.

1. Detection and Deterrence

Among the discernible jobs of School Safety K9 teams is sniffing for potential threats against staff and students in the school. While specially trained canines also take part, they possess a great sense of smell, which makes these dogs perfectly able to detecting guns and explosives with incredible precision. Sensitive and sharp senses of the dogs allow them to locate concealed weapons which may go below the radar of the common security instruments.

Furthermore, a K9 unit with its handler patrolling in plain view can work effectively as a deterrent. Fear that a trained security dog will be on the campus or at the school and may neutralize anyone active or with the intention to enter the school campus or attempt to commit a violent act may be the reason for someone with malicious intent to not want to be a part of or, in some cases, becoming the victim.

2. Successful Approach

to security creates in advance measures that secure locations and prevent emergencies before they occur.
In fact, most formal security measures involve a reactive approach in aftermath. School safety K9 groups contrast with reactive options and place a bolder assertion on defense. Because threats can be detected before they become too much for them to handle, these teams will be able to prevent acts of violence from occurring on the very first place where everybody’s lives would be at risk.

3. Non-Obtrusive Screening

The agencies of the colleges are trained not to enter into the study-environment. They perform rapid search without the expressed consent of the concerned students entering the campus facility. That is to say, students and staff get to do their business peacefully and enjoy their privacy while surveillance agencies would be exercising their duties in the background.

The process of selection and training is the most important characteristic of programs that aim to reduce reoffending rates and promote criminal justice reform.

Shergroup USA understands the School Safety K9 team requirements as necessary and takes the process of the selection and training very seriously. All our K9s, after the ones that passed a selection for environmental adaptability and sociability respectively, are finally ready to handle a school environment satisfactorily. The exception is that these dogs are advised to undergo advanced classes in firearms detection and bombs detection.

Standing by the side of the dogs are the handlers who are professionals in security and law enforcement, very knowledgeable in their field, with a long record of experience behind them. They weave an integrative tie with the K9 partners, the foundation of their teamwork in separate-actions security exercise.

Summing Up |

During an era when school safety takes the toll of greatest problem, School Safety K9 teams of Sher Group USA become an active and effective response. Highly select canines with clients’ skills combined effectively with expert handlers act as a security addition to existing security systems which enhance the understanding of possible violent incidents thus preventing their occurrence.

As a way to contribute to the safety of the education system you are in, take an active step to make sure everybody is safe. Call or contact us already to know how we can help address your school’s security and violent threats before they are made. No doubt about it, the requirement for safeguarding your students and staff is your top priority and the one we are for you to meet with the best available resources.

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