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Industry Expertise

With A Diverse Range Of
Expertise Across Various Sectors

Our Heritage 
Rooted in the historic Sheriffs of London, UK, since 1780, Shergroup USA epitomizes a legacy of heritage and integrity. With our expansion from the UK to the United States in 2012, we’ve brought over two centuries of quality service and innovation to American soil. 

Leadership That Inspires Confidence 
Our leadership team, including Claire Sandbrook, Paul Hammond, John Johnson, and Enrique Sierra, combines expertise in security, canine consultancy, and strategic planning. Their collective experience and dedication drive Shergroup USA’s mission to deliver top-tier security solutions. 

Comprehensive Security Services 
Shergroup USA offers a range of security services, including | 

  • Integrated Security Solutions | From government agencies to healthcare facilities, we provide tailored security services that meet the unique needs of each client. 
  • K9 Consultancy | Our SGK9 unit leads in canine consultancy services, managing complex canine programs globally. 
  • Specialized Transportation | We ensure the secure and timely transportation of valuable cargo, setting industry standards. 

Innovating School Security | Introducing the School Safety Officer 
Understanding the critical need for safe educational environments, Shergroup USA has pioneered the role of the School Safety Officer. Our School Security services focus on creating a secure and nurturing atmosphere for learning. The School Safety Officers are trained professionals, adept in modern security practices and sensitive to the unique needs of an educational setting. They serve as guardians and mentors, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for students and staff. 

Client Testimonials | Our Commitment in Action 
Our clients’ experiences reflect our commitment to excellence. From healthcare partnerships to positive feedback from employees, these testimonials highlight our reliability, innovation, and dedication across various sectors. 

Join Our Journey 
As Shergroup USA continues to evolve, we invite you to be part of our story. Whether you need comprehensive security services or innovative solutions like our School Safety Officers, we are ready to meet your needs with our heritage of quality and innovation. 

Commercial Real Estate

Shergroup USA brings extensive expertise to the commercial real estate sector. They understand the complex security requirements of large office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial properties. Their solutions encompass access control, surveillance, and emergency response protocols to safeguard property assets and the safety of occupants.


Shergroup USA recognizes the importance of safety in educational institutions. They provide security services tailored to the unique challenges of schools, colleges, and universities. Their expertise covers crowd management during events, emergency response planning, and ensuring a safe learning environment.

Financial Institutions

In the financial sector, Shergroup USA offers specialized security services to protect assets, data, and personnel. Their expertise includes implementing stringent access controls, monitoring suspicious activities, and responding swiftly to potential threats to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of financial institutions.

Government Institutions

Shergroup USA has extensive experience serving government institutions, understanding the heightened security demands that come with them. They provide solutions such as perimeter protection, access control, and threat assessment to safeguard government facilities and personnel.


Healthcare facilities require unique security solutions, and Shergroup USA specializes in this sector. They focus on ensuring patient safety, protecting sensitive medical data, and managing visitor access to healthcare facilities while adhering to strict compliance standards.

Hotel & Hospitality

https://shergroupusa.com/Shergroup USA understands the hospitality industry’s need for guest safety and the protection of property assets. They offer comprehensive security solutions, including CCTV monitoring, access control, and emergency response services, ensuring guests can enjoy a safe and comfortable stay.


Shergroup USA caters to the residential sector by providing homeowners with peace of mind. Their security expertise encompasses residential communities, apartment complexes, and individual homes, offering services like 24/7 monitoring, alarm systems, and security patrols.


Retail establishments require security to combat theft, protect employees, and create a safe shopping environment. Shergroup USA’s expertise in this sector includes loss prevention strategies, asset protection, and managing crowds during peak shopping periods.

Theme Parks

Shergroup USA understands the unique security challenges faced by theme parks. They provide solutions to ensure the safety of park visitors, including crowd control, ride safety, and emergency response planning.


In the transportation sector, Shergroup USA offers security services to protect passengers and infrastructure. Their expertise includes securing transit hubs, monitoring public transportation systems, and responding to security incidents swiftly.

Sport & Leisure

Shergroup USA specializes in providing security services for sporting events and leisure venues. They ensure the safety of spectators, participants, and staff, managing crowds, and responding to potential security threats during events.