How to Become a Security Guard in Orlando, Florida

If you’re considering a career as a security guard in the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida, Shergroup USA is here to provide you with the essential information to kickstart your journey. In this concise guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps and qualifications required to pursue a fulfilling career as a licensed security officers in Orlando. Whether you’re passionate about safeguarding the community or looking for a stable and rewarding profession, our guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to embark on this vital and impactful career path. Let’s get started on your journey toward becoming a dedicated licensed security guard in Orlando.

Steps to Become a Security Guard in Orlando

Meet Basic Requirements |

  1. To begin, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. You should have a clean criminal record, as security guards are expected to maintain a high level of integrity and trustworthiness.

Complete Required Training |

  1. In Florida, aspiring security guards must complete a state-approved Class D security officer training program.
  2. This training covers topics like legal responsibilities, emergency response, and conflict resolution.

Apply for a Class D Security Officer License |

  1. After completing the training, you can apply for a Class D security officer license through the Florida Division of Licensing.
  2. You’ll need to submit an application, undergo fingerprinting, and pay the necessary fees.

Pass the Background Check |

Security guard applicants in Orlando must pass a thorough background check to ensure they have no disqualifying criminal history.

Get Hired by a Licensed Security Company |

  1. Most security guards work for licensed security guard companies, so it’s essential to secure employment with one.
  2. Your employer will help you obtain your Class G firearm license if required for your role.

On-The-Job Training |

You’ll receive on-the-job training specific to your employer’s needs and the type of security work you’ll be doing.

Additional Certifications (if necessary) |

Depending on your role, you may need additional certifications, such as CPR and First Aid, or an armed security guard license.

Why Choose a Career as a Security Guard in Orlando

Job Opportunities

Orlando presents a plethora of job opportunities in the field of security, catering to a diverse range of roles. Whether you’re interested in a career in retail security, safeguarding businesses and shoppers, or you’re more inclined towards event security, ensuring the safety and smooth flow of public gatherings, Orlando has a job to match your aspirations. The city’s vibrant and dynamic environment provides a fertile ground for individuals seeking to make a positive impact by contributing to the security and well-being of its residents and visitors. Explore the diverse security positions Orlando has to offer and embark on a fulfilling career path in this vital industry..

Steady Income

For licensed security guards in Orlando, one of the notable advantages is the promise of a steady and consistent income, making this profession a stable and reliable career choice. The city’s ongoing need for security personnel, whether it’s in retail, event security, or various other security roles, ensures that professionals in this field can count on a regular and dependable stream of income. This financial stability not only provides peace of mind but also offers the opportunity for personal growth and career development, making security guard positions in Orlando an appealing choice for those seeking financial security in their professional lives.

Contribution to Safety

As a security officer, you hold a pivotal position in your community, contributing significantly to the overall safety and security of the area. Your role is integral in upholding peace and order, which has a direct and positive impact on the well-being of residents and visitors alike. By actively monitoring, deterring potential security threats, and responding swiftly and effectively to incidents, you help create a safer environment for everyone. Your contribution to safety as a security officers extends beyond the physical aspects; it provides peace of mind to those in your community, knowing that there are dedicated professionals like you committed to ensuring their protection. It’s a role that carries great responsibility and a sense of pride in making a positive difference in the lives of those you serve.

Summing Up |

Becoming a security guard in Orlando, Florida, can be a rewarding career choice. Follow these steps, meet the necessary qualifications, and you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling and essential profession. For more information on pursuing a career as a security guard in Orlando and to explore our services, visit our website at