Can a Security Guard Detain You in Florida?

Can security guard detain you legally in Florida

Security guards play a vital role in maintaining safety and security in various settings, including businesses, events, and residential areas. However, there is often confusion about their authority and whether they have the power to detain individuals in the state of Florida. In this blog post, we will explore the question, “Can a security guard detain you in Florida?” We will delve into the legal framework, limitations, and the role of security guards in ensuring public safety. As a trusted security services provider, Shergroup USA is here to provide clarity and shed light on this topic.

The Authority of Security Guards in Florida:

Limited Authority:

In Florida, security guards are granted limited authority to detain individuals under specific circumstances. They can detain someone if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that the person has committed a felony or a breach of peace. However, this authority is subject to certain conditions and restrictions and is not something we encourage as a behavior.  Instead we have clear Standard Operating Procedures for guards to report a felony or breach of the peace and let the authorities use the full force of the law to carry out any necessary detention.

Use of Reasonable Force:

While security guards have the power to detain, they must exercise it within the boundaries of reasonableness which can be difficult to judge. The use of force should be proportionate to the situation and aimed at protecting themselves or others from harm. Excessive or unnecessary force is not permitted and can lead to legal consequences.  Again the best way forward is to call 911 immediately and let police officers take control of the situation. 

Cooperation with Law Enforcement:

Security guards in Florida are required to co-operate with law enforcement authorities when detaining someone. They must promptly notify law enforcement of the detention and hand over the individual to their custody for further investigation or legal proceedings.

Limitations and Responsibilities of Security Guards:

Not Law Enforcement Officers:

It is important to note that security guards are NOT law enforcement officers. They do not possess the same level of authority, training, or legal privileges as police officers. Their role is primarily focused on preventing and deterring security incidents rather than conducting criminal investigations or making arrests.  We enhance their presence by giving our guards tools to report and record actions as events unfold.  Our reporting platform provides for the capture of photos and video. 

Adherence to State Laws:

Security guards in Florida must operate within the boundaries of state laws and regulations. Moreover, they must comply with licensing requirements, training standards, and the rules set forth by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing.


In conclusion, it is important to understand that security guards in Florida have a limited authority to detain individuals based on reasonable suspicion of felony or breach of peace.  They are not law enforcement officers and must adhere to the boundaries of reasonableness and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

Here at Shergroup USA we take a pride in co-operating with authorities and being good citizens when it comes to managing behavior which is anti-social, or worse criminal in nature. 

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