How Does Shergroup Risk Assess Major Evictions?

Several major evictions have been carried out, as listed on Shergroup’s Enforcement Timeline, found on this website at The risk assessment process for each of these evictions can vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case.

Shergroup can outline a general summary of the risk assessment process for each major eviction they carry out.

Risk Assessment Process

  1. Identify potential risks

    To identify potential risks associated with the eviction, the risk assessment process takes its first step. This can include assessing the risk of violence, property damage, or any other potential threats to safety.
  2. Gather information

    Shergroup will then gather all the relevant information about the case, such as the location of the property, the history of the tenancy, and any other relevant details. One can use this information to assess the level of risk involved.
  3. Assess the risk

    Based on the information gathered, Shergroup will assess the level of risk involved in the eviction. This can involve considering factors such as the tenant’s behavior, the presence of any weapons or other dangerous items, and any other relevant factors.
  4. Develop an Operational Plan

    Shergroup will assess the risk and develop an Operational Plan to mitigate the risks associated with the eviction. This can involve developing a detailed strategy for carrying out the eviction, such as the use of security personnel or police presence.
  5. Implement the Operational Plan

    The final step in the risk assessment process is to implement the Operational Plan. Firstly, this involves carrying out the eviction in a safe and secure manner, utilizing the strategies developed in the previous steps to minimize any potential risks.

Overall, the risk assessment process for each major eviction carried out by Shergroup Enforcement involves a detailed and thorough assessment of the risks involved, followed by the development and implementation of an Operational Plan to ensure that the eviction carried out under a High Court Writ of Possession is both safe and efficient. 

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